We’re making a difference to people in desperate need

Hand in Hand for Syria was set up very soon after the conflict began in 2011. We were the first people to take humanitarian aid into Syria, and we’ve remained at the forefront of emergency aid in Syria ever since.

Why we’re different

  • Most aid agencies can’t operate in Syria because of political or security restrictions. We can. We take medical and humanitarian aid into most of the country, using our unique and extensive networks on the ground in Syria. We also implement aid funded by, and on behalf of, some of the worlds biggest aid agencies, who are unable to get into Syria themselves.
  • We get into the hardest-to-reach areas. Because of the unique way we operate, we can take aid into really tough places – like behind front lines and, whenever we can, into besieged areas. For example, we were the first to take food aid into Yarmouk, a besieged area of Damascus, in January 2014. And we went back the following month.
  • We rarely take any admin costs. Most of our operational costs in the UK are covered by what we recoup on Gift Aid, and our costs  in Turkey and Syria are covered by our partnerships with major aid agencies. Find out how your donations are used here.
  • We don’t ask questions. We bring aid to anyone who needs it, regardless of their politics or religion. We are humanitarian in the full sense of the word.
  • We deliver a wide range of aid.  We provide medical aid; food aid; educational materials; water, sanitation & hygiene programmes; community projects; and more. And we provide it right where it’s needed, right when it’s needed. We respond to whatever the need is at any one time, which is why we don’t ring-fence donations.
  • We are extremely fast and cost-efficient. We owe it to our donors and to Syrians to make donations stretch as far as possible. Most of our aid is purchased in Turkey and in Syria, where £1 buys a lot more. And this way, we don’t have the delay or expense of shipping from the UK.
  • We believe in sustainable aid. No one want to live on hand-outs, and everyone wants to have dignity. That’s why we fund community empowerment projects in Syria (providing livelihoods for many people) and why we source some of our aid from those projects.
  • We’re as concerned as you are about aid getting through. We’ve read the stories about bogus charities and diverted aid, and we want to reassure you that we can guarantee that your donations will be used to help those in the greatest humanitarian need. Not only are we regulated by the Charity Commission but we also accompany all aid and cash donations to their eventual destinations (we don’t delegate their delivery), and we keep meticulous records. And we never take people we don’t know into  Syria.

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