We’re one of very few agencies working inside Syria


We only deliver aid into Syria; most other aid agencies and INGOs support Syrians living in refugee camps or in towns in neighbouring countries. To date, we’ve delivered humanitarian and medical assistance worth millions of pounds into Syria.

How we organise our aid

Our small team in Turkey supplies 4 storage warehouses inside Syria. These in turn supply our network of local aid workers, who travel widely across Syria delivering food parcels, medical supplies and other essentials such as warm clothing and blankets. This integrated system means that our teams can respond rapidly to the changing situation on the ground, sending urgent aid deliveries to where they are needed most.

They also ensure regular deliveries to refugee camps within Syria, as well as coastal areas and the hard-hit towns of Aleppo, Idlib, Damascus, Homs and Deir Al-Zour. Cities and urban areas are particularly difficult to reach, and thousands of people have been living under siege for many months. By the end of 2013, Homs’s siege totalled 600 days, with people dying of hunger as well as conflict-related injuries. Whenever there is a lull in the fighting, our teams go in with aid deliveries.

Our priorities

  • With food, blankets and clothing, we prioritise families looking after orphans; female-headed households; the homeless; and those looking after vulnerable adults and children.
  • Using our medical expertise and supplies, we are opening both general and paediatric hospitals, and also supporting and supplying over 100 field hospitals run by local doctors.
  • In partnership with other major aid organisations, we’re helping to prevent and fight disease by delivering WASH programmes within Syria.

Raising money to buy aid

Every penny of every £ you donate to us goes straight to people inside Syria, because our admin costs are covered by the Gift Aid we collect. We spend your donations according to the very latest needs identified by our people on the ground in Syria. We source most of our aid in Turkey before taking it into Syria; this means we can buy more for your money while spending less on shipment. We also try to buy some aid within Syria, to boost the local economy.

If you’d like to donate to us, we’ll put your gift to very good use:

  • £25 could provide a mother with a month’s supply of baby milk
  • £50 could feed a family of 5 people for 2 weeks
  • £150 could provide life-saving medical treatment for an injured person.
Collecting aid within the UK

Three times a year, we organise a Big Aid Drop in the UK, when we ask people to donate items such as new clothing, blankets, baby milk and vitamins. All across the country, we open collection points where donations can be dropped off. All of the aid is then packed up, loaded into containers and shipped to Turkey, from where it makes its way into Syria.

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