Sending life-saving equipment into Syria


Syria’s health system is in crisis at the very time when it is needed most. That’s why we’ve opened several hospitals in Syria, and we also support and supply more than 100 field hospitals. They are all in desperate need of medical equipment: can you help?

What we’re looking for

  • Stretchers
  • Theatre equipment, large and small, including operating tables
  • Defibrillators, heart monitors, ECG machines
  • Surgical tools and external fixators
  • Anaesthetic equipment & ventilators
  • Obstetric & neo-natal equipment
  • Radiography equipment
  • Suturing equipment
  • Dressings & bandages
  • Generators
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walking sticks & crutches.

Ambulances & paramedics

We are also setting up a Rapid Response Team for ambulances and associated personnel and equipment.

How you can help

Your donations will help to buy the medical equipment we know is most acutely needed within Syria. Alternatively, individuals and organisations can donate equipment which we will ship to Syria on one of our Big Aid Drops, which we send three times a year.

Donations by organisations

We would love to hear from any private companies or NHS organisations which can provide medical equipment for use in Syria. Of course, we get maximum value from other donations if equipment is provided free of charge. In some circumstances, we are able to accept used equipment; please contact us to discuss the suitability of used equipment.

We are always happy to discuss how we can generate some joint publicity whenever larger-scale donations are made. For example, Derbyshire manufacturer Daray Ltd donated some of their products, including an LED minor surgical light, a patient monitor, pulse oximeters, and a foetal Doppler monitor. The story appeared on our own and Daray’s websites, and our joint press release was picked up by the Derby Telegraph and Derby Evening Telegraph.

Donations from the public

You can help by donating any new and unwanted medical appliances such as non-medicated sterile bandages, catheters, saline bags, blood-pressure monitors, and mobility aids – in particular walking sticks, crutches and wheelchairs. Please contact us first for advice on how to get your donations to us (as we are currently unable to offer a collection service).

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