Please help vulnerable people survive this winter


Your donation today will help us take urgently needed blankets and heaters into Syria. You can help to prevent thousands of people from freezing to death.

Syria is experiencing the coldest winter for 100 years, with torrential rains, heavy snow and sub-zero temperatures. People, including infants, are literally freezing to death. Hundreds of thousands are living in makeshift conditions without adequate shelter, bedding or warm clothes. But you can help us to help them.

There are 6.5 million displaced people within Syria, and there are large numbers of injured, sick and hungry. Many won’t survive the coming months without emergency help. Most aid agencies can’t reach them, either because they are prevented by the government or because of the worsening security situation. However, we specialise in distributing aid inside Syria, and can now reach 90% of the country.

Together, we can help people survive

Our Winter Appeal is asking for cash donations to help us buy urgently needed blankets and heaters in Turkey, which we can then distribute rapidly inside Syria. Donating cash is the fastest way to get effective aid into Syria using the access routes we have set up.

What your donation could buy

Whatever you can give will be used to help people inside Syria to survive the freezing winter. For example, £10 could buy a thick winter blanket, and £35 could buy a heater for a family.

How to donate
  • Text COLD95, followed by any amount from £1-£10, to 70070
  • Donate online via JustGiving (which makes it easy for us to reclaim any Gift Aid).
Can you donate items to be sent to Syria?

In November 2013, we sent over 160 tonnes of winter aid to Syria, including clothing, sleeping bags and blankets, all generously donated by the British public. However, we won’t ship any more until the spring — and people need help now. Your donation today will make a big difference.

However, if you also have new items to donate for our next aid drop, you can take them to our storage facilities in Nottingham, Birmingham, London or Edinburgh by prior arrangement; please email us for details. Please note: we are currently only collecting new clothing, blankets and duvets (no second-hand items are permitted), as well as medical aid. Unfortunately, we cannot offer a collection service.

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