How your organisation can help the people of Syria

Getting together to donate to us or raise money for us can be a great way for your company to help achieve your CSR goals, promote teamwork and employee engagement, and get some positive publicity. Read on for information about what we need and ideas on how you could help!

Contribute to your CSR policy

Conscientious companies have corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies, designed to improve the quality of life of society at large as well as the local community. Supporting aid for Syria can help you to achieve your wider CSR goals, but even at the simplest level you can engage people locally by hosting a collection point, displaying posters/flyers, having a donation tin at reception or by the tills.

Creative ways to promote teamwork

Fundraising or giving for Syria can get people working positively together towards a common aim while promoting creativity, socialisation and employee engagement. In larger organisations, it can bring together individuals and teams who didn’t previously know each other.

Public relations

Hand in Hand for Syria is usually happy to work with business donors on media activity. If you have a great story about what your organisation or employees are doing to contribute to our work, please get in touch. We’re also happy to publicise your fundraising and donations through Facebook and Twitter.

Contribute to one of our Big Aid Drops

Our ‘Big Aid Drop’, which we organise three times a year, collects new clothing, medical equipment, sleeping bags and baby goods for us to deliver into Syria. You could encourage employees to buy items to go onto the next aid drop, or get colleagues fundraising to buy them. You could even get them knitting, crocheting or sewing for our winter aid drop — yes, your colleagues could all be knitting squares to make into blankets!

Donate products & services

If you run a company which could provide larger quantities of aid, we would very much like to hear from you. We’re particularly looking for:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Medical equipment & supplies
  • Baby goods
  • New clothing (especially warm items for winter)
  • Blankets, groundsheets & sleeping bags
  • Diesel generators
  • Anyone who can donate printing services or advertising space.

If you can help, please get in touch!

Fundraise for us

One of the most important ways you can help is by donating money, and every single penny you donate through Hand in Hand for Syria will be turned into emergency aid. This is because all of our UK operating and administration costs are covered by reclaimed Gift Aid, while in Turkey and Syria our costs are covered by our partnership agreements with INGOs. We further increase our efficiency by buying aid locally in Turkey and Syria, where we can get more for your money.

If you need help with ideas, try browsing our fundraising ideas page.

Thank you!

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