Helping children & young people to help

Children and young people often hear about events in the news and really want to help — but sometimes they just don’t know how! Here are some ideas of things you can do.

If you’re at school or you attend a madrassah, or if you’re a teacher, we’d love to encourage you to get involved and help the people of Syria by supporting Hand in Hand for Syria. Here are some ideas…

Talk about Syria

Children and young people can talk to each other about Syria to help raise awareness of the conflict there. They can share what they have heard and ask each other’s opinions about what’s right and wrong. And if you’re planning some fundraising, it’s more effective if people first understand why you’re doing it!

Have an assembly about Syria

Talking about Syria can be tied into a lot of themes which are suitable for assemblies. Perhaps a group of children or young people would like to prepare something to share with everyone? Check out our schools resources.

Here’s what one school did
The senior girls of Al Barakah school, London, organised a masquerade ball and raised an outstanding £3,660! 

Bring Syria into your classes

Issues around the Syrian conflict can be relevant to many parts of the curriculum. Depending on the key skills level, there is scope for talking about Syria in a range of lessons, including History, Politics, SMSC (spiritual, moral, social & cultural education) and RE. Issues can even be brought very creatively into Art, Music, Drama and Dance — even into DT Textiles (see below for knitting ideas). Check out our schools resources for ideas.

Fundraise for us

There are loads of ways to raise money! You could organise a cake stall or a toy/book stall; put on a concert or play; do a sponsored walk; host a meal; do a sponsored car-wash; help to pack bags in a local supermarket… The possibilities are endless, but if you need ideas, try our fundraising ideas page.

Collect aid for an aid drop

Three times a year we organise a ‘Big Aid Drop’, which collects new clothing, medical equipment, sleeping bags and baby goods for us to deliver into Syria. You could start a school campaign and ask families to donate items to go onto our next aid drop.

Become a collection point

Each time we organise a Big Aid Drop, we need somewhere where people can donate and store the items they’re donating. Could your school find space and advertise how to get people’s donations to you?

Get knitting!

Syrian winters can be so cold that they are life-threatening for babies and children who don’t have enough clothing or food, or who are already sick or injured. People at your school could get knitting or crocheting throughout the year for our winter aid drop. (Even if they’ve never done it before, they could quickly learn — which means a new skill for life!) You could all make small squares to be sewn together into blankets, and the experienced could make scarves, hats and jumpers. Cheap wool is available on the internet or from local markets.

Tell people what you’re doing

Whatever you’re organising, don’t forget to tell your local newspapers and radio/TV news desks — it’s great publicity for your school. And don’t forget to tell us, too!

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