How students can make a difference

We never cease to be blown away by the generosity, energy and compassion of students who step up to help the people of Syria. If you’d like to help us by raising awareness, funds and aid donations, here’s how you might start!

Raise awareness

Universities and colleges are places where people get together to learn, right? So why not hire a room, put up a poster and give a talk? Some students have screened the BBC Panorama programme Saving Syria’s Children, to provide a focus for their event; this outstanding programme follows the work of 2 of our medics in Syria. With enough notice, we might be able to send along someone from the charity to speak. You could also write a piece for your student newspaper, or see if you can get interviewed on your radio or TV station.

Set up a society

You could set up a society within your students’ union to increase awareness about the crisis in Syria and to raise funds for Hand in Hand for Syria. Invite like-minded people to form a committee with you, have a stall at Freshers’ Week, put on some events, and switch on the students’ union publicity machine. Work together with other societies such as the volunteering, Islamic or Arab societies to ensure that you’re targeting a wide range of people and to allow everyone to get involved.

Fundraise for us

Marathons or bake-a-thons; chest-waxing or beard-sponsoring; hikes or bikes; sit-down dinners or safari suppers; miles of pennies or losing pounds… there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to raise money for us. The more creative and unusual, the better! All we ask is that you don’t risk life and limb. If you need help with ideas, try browsing our fundraising ideas page. You might be able to convince your students’ union to adopt the charity for their RAG (Raising & Giving) week and get your whole campus behind you!

Collect aid for an aid drop

We organise a ‘Big Aid Drop’, three times a year, which collects new clothing, medical equipment, sleeping bags and baby goods for us to deliver into Syria. You could campaign right across your college or university to get students buying items to go onto the next aid drop, or get them fundraising to buy items to contribute.

Become a collection point

Each time we organise a Big Aid Drop, we need somewhere where people can donate and store the items they’re donating. Could you find space and advertise how to get people’s donations to you?

Spring Into Syria

Blow away those winter cobwebs and join in with our annual Spring Into Syria campaign. Organise a themed tea-party or cake sale during March or April to raise money — or if that’s not your cup of tea, you can do absolutely anything… how about a bungee-jumping event on campus?!

Get knitting

Syrian winters can be very harsh, and vulnerable adults and children face the risk of hypothermia. So why not encourage fellow students to get knitting or crocheting throughout the year for our winter aid drop? Even the guys could be knitting squares to make into blankets, but more experienced knitters could be making us scarves, hats and jumpers, too. Get discounted wool off the internet or from local markets.

Tell people

Whatever you’re organising, don’t forget to tell people about it. You could start with the university PR department, but you could also go straight to your local newspapers and radio/TV news desks.

Thank you — and good luck!

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