One day, you could all look back and say, ‘We helped’

Getting together to raise money or give donations for charity is a great way to bring people together in the workplace. If you’re good at organising and at getting other people enthused, you could make a big difference to people in Syria!

Talk to your employer

Most workplaces have some kind of corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy, or at least a strategy for giving to charity. Where that exists, why not find out how you can integrate your activities with your employer’s existing plans? There could be lots of spin-off benefits, including help with publicity and resources. You could even see if they would make us their nominated charity of the year!

Raise awareness

Why not book a meeting room, put up a poster and give a talk? It might be useful to screen the BBC Panorama programme Saving Syria’s Children; this outstanding programme follows the work of 2 of our medics in Syria. You could also write a piece for your company newspaper, or post something on the intranet, or get something on the company noticeboards.

Fundraise for us

Marathons or bake-a-thons; chest-waxing or beard-sponsoring; hikes or bikes; sit-down dinners or safari suppers; miles of pennies or losing pounds… there are hundreds of ways to raise money for us. The more creative and unusual, the better! All we ask is that you don’t risk life and limb. Try browsing our fundraising ideas page.

Here’s what one team did
Staff at University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust decided to relay-walk the 100-mile Leicestershire Round in June 2014 to raise at least £300 for Hand in Hand for Syria!

Collect aid for an aid drop

We organise a ‘Big Aid Drop’, three times a year, which collects new clothing, medical equipment, sleeping bags and baby goods for us to deliver into Syria. You could campaign to get colleagues to buy items to go onto the next aid drop, or get them fundraising for us to buy items to send.

Become a collection point

Each time we organise a Big Aid Drop, we need a place where people can hand over their donations, and where they can be stored. Could you find space (perhaps you have a warehouse?), and promote the campaign and your drop-off point?

Get knitting

Why not encourage colleagues to knit or crochet throughout the year for our next aid drops? We need baby clothes and blankets all year round, but since Syrian winters can be very harsh (and a real risk of hypothermia for the vulnerable), we also need warm items for children and adults. The more experienced could be making us scarves, hats and jumpers, but even the men could be knitting squares to make into blankets! Discounted wool is available on the internet or at local markets.

Spring Into Syria

You could get together with a group of colleagues for our annual Spring Into Syria campaign through April and May. The aim is for us all to unite and what we can to raise as much money as we can for people in Syria. The theme is around tea parties and cake sales, but you can do anything!

Tell people

Whatever you’re organising, don’t forget to tell people about it. Start with your company’s PR department, who may be able to do it for you or give you some advice. Make sure you cover local newspapers, radio/TV news desks, and any relevant websites covering events or news for your area.

Thank you — and good luck!

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