For the past six months, residents of the town of Madaya, in the suburbs of Damascus, have endured a brutal siege on their town. With all entrances and exits to the town sealed, the 40,000 residents of Madaya have suffered silently – but the situation has reached a dire point.

Over the past two months; food has become scarce in the town. Small amounts of food are available in the city but sold for extortionate prices that locals simply cannot pay. People are resorting to selling their cars in return for rice or baby milk. In the past couple of months, over 50 people have starved to death as a result of food shortages. Malnutrition and starvation are rife, claiming the lives of victims on an almost weekly basis. Pictures emerging from the city are almost too graphic to share; people reduced to skeletons with protruding rib cages, sunken eyes and unable to walk due to their fragile state.

People in Madaya have resorted to boiling herbs, insects and grass for any form of nutrition, others have become so desperate that eating cats has become their only option for survival.

As the winter sets in and temperatures plunge, crops and plants wither away leaving no options for the starving population of Madaya. The lower temperatures coupled with malnutrition will lead to increased cases of hypothermia this winter.

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UPDATE : 08/01/15 : Your donations are having a direct impact on the ground in Madaya, watch the video of our first distribution here.

UPDATE : 13/01/15 : Our appeal for Madaya has now ended, thank you for your incredible support and donations towards this campaign. We will continue to provide live updates on our aid efforts in Madaya on our Facebook page.

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