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Any snapshot you take of the devastating situation inside Syria is out of date by the time you’ve taken it. But here are some of the latest facts, figures and statistics about the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Last update 29 July 2014

Population: deaths, displacement & suffering

Original population Source 21.4 million
Killed in the conflict since March 2011 Source 191,000+
Killed in Syria in November 2014 alone Source 1,685
Children killed Source
– by sniper fire Source
– summarily executed Source
– tortured Source
People killed each day in Syria Source
Children killed each day in May 2014 Source 10
Displaced within Syria Source 6.45m (30%)
Displaced in neighbouring countries Source
– in Lebanon

– in Jordan
– in Turkey
– in Iraq
– in Egypt
A Syrian family is displaced every… Source (video) 1 minute
Men/women/children in political detention Source 200,000+

In need of aid

In urgent need of humanitarian aid Source 12.2m
Living under siege Source May 2014 241,000
Trapped in hard to reach or besieged areas Source 4.7m (22%)
Unable to access enough food Source 9.9 million (46%)
Increase in price of bread Source 500%
Families who spend a week each month without food Source 1 in 5
Children in rural Damascus who are severely malnourished Source 1 in 20

Healthcare system

Hospitals damaged, destroyed or otherwise out of service as of April 2013 Source 57%
Ambulances (a) damaged or (b) out of service as of July 2013 Source (a) 92% (b) 52%
Decrease in manufacture of medications Source 90%
Doctors who have fled the country, as of September 2013 Source 15,000
Medical workers killed since May 2011 Source
Number specifically targeted Source
– nurses
– medics
– pharmacists.
…as a result of shelling & bombing
…as a result of shootings
…from torture
Doctors arrested and interrogated for treating injured protesters as of December 2011 Source 250
Ratio of doctors to population in Aleppo as of September 2013 Source 1:70,000
Healthcare workers currently imprisoned as of March 2013 Source 469
Deaths from chronic illnesses due to lack of access to healthcare  Source 200,000
Patients not receiving treatment for (a) cancer and (b) dialysis  Source (a) 70,000 (b) 5,000
Decrease in access to clean water Source Over 30%


Children killed each day in May 2014 Source 10
Children as part of the externally displaced refugee population Source 51.3%
Children (in & outside of Syria) needing urgent humanitarian aid Source 6.5m
Children living under siege or in hard-to-reach areas Source 3m
Children under 5 in areas where humanitarian aid can’t reach Source 325,000
Children needing counselling for trauma Source 2m
Child refugees aged under 5 Source 425,000
Children out of school Source 3m
Attacks on schools 1.1.2014 to 31.3.2014 Source 60
Drop in the number of children receiving vaccination Source 21%
Number of births by Caesarian section in (a) 2011 (b) 2013 Source (a) 19% (b) 45%

Terrifying escalation

In one year (Source): – the number of people killed has quadrupled – the number of people in need of assistance inside Syria has tripled – the number of refugees has multiplied 8 times.

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