We’ve just taken US$530,000-worth of aid into hard-hit Aleppo

April 07, 2014 - Written by admin

Aleppo is Syria’s largest city, and has been the hardest-hit by the conflict as the opposing sides wrestle for control of a strategically and economically important city. Many of those who have survived the city’s pounding by barrel bombs and shelling have fled to other parts of the country or even out of Syria altogether. Recently we took over half a millions dollars’-worth of aid into Aleppo to help families caught up on the front lines.

Living under daily threat

Those who have chosen to stay behind now live under constant threat and face enormous daily struggles to survive. Many live on or close to the front lines, and are exposed to daily danger from bullets and bombs. According to the UN, at least 2.4 million people in Aleppo are in need of humanitarian aid. Access to food, water, power and medical aid are extremely limited and often sporadic.

Delivery to the front line

Our aid convoy into Aleppo
Part of our 5-truck convoy

Recently, a team of relief workers from Hand in Hand for Syria risked their lives to get aid to those living on the frontline in Aleppo. Making its way from the Syrian/Turkish border to Aleppo, our 5-truck convoy was able to safely deliver over US$530,000 worth of essential aid.

The aid we delivered included 3,000 winter kits, 600 mattresses, 600 kitchen sets, and 3,000 hygiene kits, as well as medical supplies for hospitals in the area, new clothing and cleaning products.

A desperate situation

“We were overwhelmed by what we saw,” said Fadi Al-Dairi, our operations director for Syria. “The situation is really desperate. People are living in their bombed-out homes, with no windows or doors, sometimes 20 to a room, and sleeping on the floor.

“We met a family who are growing vegetables on their rooftops because food is so scarce. Simple things like a mattress and blanket, a kitchen set and some clothing for their children means such a lot to them; so little aid reaches these people.”

One family's rooftop cooking facility

One family’s basic, make-shift cooking arrangement on their rooftop.

Constant sniper-fire & shelling

In the video we shot during the aid delivery (above), gunfire can clearly be heard as we meet a family living within a few metres of a military base. They live under constant threat of snipers and shelling.

The economics of conflict

Prices of food and household essentials in Syria have tripled or quadrupled, impacting the provision of basic supplies and households’ purchasing power. Since the economy has been shattered, very few people have an income, so families are struggling to provide their children with basic supplies including bread, vegetables and fruits, milk and eggs.

However, Hand in Hand for Syria sends regular supplies of food and aid to families around Syria, including areas controlled by the government as well as by opposition groups.

Will you help desperate people like these?

Please consider making a donation today to help us reach even more people living in desperate circumstances in the hardest-hit, yet hardest-to-reach, parts of Syria.

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