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‘I normally donate to a big well-established agency. When it comes to Syria, should I donate to you?’
‘Do you accept used clothing?’
‘What aid do you accept in the UK?’
‘Can I donate food?’
‘I have medical equipment I’d like to donate; how do I do this?’

‘ Do you want my prescription medicine that I no longer need? ‘

‘ I want to host an event to raise money for you; can you send me some resources? ‘
‘ Do I need a permission letter from you to fundraise for your charity? ‘
‘ How much of my donation will get through? ‘
‘ Can I have a receipt for my donation? ‘
‘ Do you only help Muslims?


‘Can I see your accounts? ‘
‘Can I donate to specific projects? ‘
‘Where can I bring donations of aid? ‘
‘ Can you collect my donation of aid? ‘
‘ Do you have an adoption programme? ‘
‘Can I have the address of your hospitals?’
‘Do you have any current vacancies? ‘
‘ Can I volunteer with you in Syria? ‘
‘Should I go to Syria and help? ‘
‘Can I volunteer with you in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey?’
‘Can I donate to refugees in Lebanon, Jordan or Turkey, or send aid to them?’
‘Can I be a driver on one of your aid convoys?’

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