We provide education materials both independently and in partnership with a range of other organisations:

Books for Syrian children

We’re working with Books for Syria, a national chapter of Books International, a UNESCO-certified project. They provide children affected by the conflict with therapeutic reading material which complements their education and instils a sense of hope and empowerment for the future. UK-based Syrian author Samah Moraan has written and illustrated 2 publications to date:

  • The first, in September 2012, was a children’s magazine in Arabic, called ‘أنا’ (‘Ana’, or ‘Me’). We part-funded this magazine and helped to distribute it in the Kilis refugee camp, Turkey (560,000 of Syria’s refugees are in Turkey, where the only reading materials are in Turkish).
  • The second publication was a children’s book in Arabic entitled Far From Home —the story of a baby goose and his mother who are driven from their home by drought. The book is intended to help children overcome their psychological state of trauma, gives them something to own, and offers children a sense of hope about returning home. English subtitles introduce bilingual education. We’ve distributed 6,000 copies of this book: 3,000 to the Al Karama refugee camp and 1,000 to the Atmeh camp (both camps are within Syria), with the remainder going to villages in Aleppo and Idlib. A further 3,000 are being printed for distribution in Lebanon.

You can donate to this educational project.

Pens from Korea

Following a request from Books for Syria, a Korean organisation, Pen is Your Fan, is donating a total of 12,000 pens: 6,000 in 2013 and a further 6,000 in 2014. These will be distributed with the books (above), to encourage both reading and writing for children who have been out of education for a very long time.

Book-bags & educational materials

  • As of 2014, we’re providing materials on an ongoing basis to the Ghiras project, which operates free ‘field schools’ in the hardest-to-reach parts of Syria.
  • In 2012, after a teacher at Atmeh camp, Syria, said he would like every child to have their own bag of paper and pens, a couple of our supporters in London decided to raise money to provide school bags to refugee children living in Syria. These were delivered to the school by Hand in Hand for Syria but the project has developed and grown and we now supply educational materials to a range of schools in northern Syria.

Classroom kits with Shelterbox

We have partnered with relief agency Shelterbox to deliver ‘SchoolBoxes’ (classroom kits containing stationery and activities) to over 1,000 children in Syria.

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