At Hand in Hand for Syria, we believe in partnership. So where we see a great project, we’re happy to help rather than reinventing the wheel. That’s why we’re proud to provide ongoing support for the Ghiras project in Syria. We provide them with educational supplies and schoolbags, and are looking at whether we can extend the level of support we offer.

3 million children in Syria are now unable to access an education, and those who used to go to school are forgetting basic skills.

About the schools

You’ve heard of the ‘field hospitals’ which have popped up across Syria? Well, this is a network of ‘field schools’:

  • Ghiras means ‘seedling’
  • The first school opened in May 2013 and there are now 8 additional schools
  • 1,200 children are now receiving an education FREE of charge
  • 62 staff (teachers, administrators and other employees) now benefit from employment
  • There are classes from nursery age to Year 6.

Reaching the hard-to-reach

Ghiras sets up schools in refugee camps deep inside Syria, far from the Turkish border (where there is more support). The project plans to expand to further camps and territories.

A recognised education

Most of the schools have been established with the help of the local councils in coordination with the Syrian Education Commission – so that children’s results, assessed on the basis of tests and exams, are officially acknowledged. Careful records are kept of attendance and attainment.

Psychological support

The curriculum includes recreational and activity sessions, so that children have the opportunity to have structured play and to engage in teamwork. Psychological support is provided in groups, with one-on-one help available when identified as necessary.


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