1 in 2 Syrians don’t have enough food to survive

The number of children reported to be admitted to hospitals with severe or acute malnutrition has increased, as well as the number of deaths reported due to malnutrition.The UN, October 2013

Starvation is a very real threat

For many people trapped inside Syria, food scarcity is an even greater threat than bombs and snipers. 3 million people are living in besieged areas, where nothing can get in or out. Children are dying of starvation, and people are reduced to eating dogs and cats. Lack of adequate nutrition makes people more prone to disease and less able to cope with injuries, leading to further deaths.

We’re taking food aid into Syria

Hand in Hand for Syria currently delivers regular supplies of food aid to tens of thousands of families inside Syria. Our food boxes contain at least one month’s supply of rice, sugar, flour, bread, tinned food, cooking oil and other food items for a family of 5 people and, where required, baby milk. Thanks to your donations, we’ve also been able to reopen bakeries and deliver thousands of tonnes of flour. We’ve also opened a food kitchen in a besieged area of Homs, providing regular meals to displaced families.

Feeding hungry babies & children

Feeding infants is a very particular problem in Syria. Many children have been orphaned, and very high numbers are born premature, often with difficulties feeding. New mothers may be too sick or malnourished to produce their own milk. That’s why we have intensive-feeding programmes for when babies and children present with malnutrition in our hospitals. Where there is no viable alternative, we also provide powered baby milk in a targeted way (we know that ‘breast is best’, but we have to be pragmatic where starvation is a real risk – see our policy on formula milk).

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