Working together to achieve more

We partner with other aid agencies and INGOs, advising them on what aid is needed inside Syria and where it is needed, and distributing aid funded by these organisations. For example, we work with the UN’s OCHA (Office for the Co-ordination of Humanitarian Affairs) to plan the distribution of aid. 

Virtually all of the bigger agencies and INGOs are unable to work inside Syria, either because their work is banned or severely restricted by the Syrian government, or because they have withdrawn due to the danger to their staff (including kidnappings, shooting and detention). Instead, they work directly with Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, and only indirectly inside Syria through charities such as us.

The funding provided by these organisations is added to the donations we receive from private donors, and enables us to take even more humanitarian aid into Syria. Crucially, these partners share with us their experience and expertise in providing humanitarian assistance in the most effective ways.

Our partners provide funding for specific programmes such as hospital supplies (medicines, consumables and equipment), tents to provide shelter, and WASH programmes (water, sanitation & hygiene). They also help to cover our costs for logistical support. Most of them however have to work anonymously for security reasons.

The advantages for our partners

  • By working with us, our partners can help the people most in need, whom they couldn’t otherwise reach
  • This means that our partners can achieve so much more with the funds donated by their supporters
  • Our Syrian staff and aid networks on the ground prevent the misappropriation of vital aid because they can navigate around the security situation and track where aid goes
  • Our local staff don’t stand out as targets in the way people from Western aid agencies would
  • We provide crucial, up-to-the-minute information to our partner agencies about the rapidly changing situation inside Syria, helping them to know how best to allocate their funds
  • We provide our partners with comprehensive feedback and data about the aid which we have distributed on their behalf.

The advantages for us

  • We benefit from the expert support of agencies with superb international experience
  • We receive increased funding, so we can spend more of our time directly helping people
  • Our partners cover a large proportion of our staffing and logistics costs, so we can minimise our spending on administration
  • Economies of scale mean our partners benefit from greater purchasing power, so we in turn get much better value for each £ we spend on aid
  • Partner funding means we can direct the money we have raised ourselves towards meeting gaps and starting up new projects.

The advantages for Syrians in Syria

  • People inside Syria can benefit from the aid which many agencies want to provide but can’t distribute
  • Partnerships enable us to do much more: we can open more hospitals and reach more people in desperate need
  • Because we’re on the ground inside Syria, we have better insights into what people need, and where; this means we can help them more effectively
  • We can deliver more aid per £ because we don’t have to spend a lot on admin costs
  • We can leverage other agencies’ buying power, getting even more for each £ we spend
  • Our protection and local knowledge mean that aid actually reaches its intended recipients, rather than being diverted.

Want to partner with Hand in Hand for Syria?

If you represent a charity or aid agency and would like to partner with us to maximise the impact of your funds, please contact us.

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