We work INSIDE Syria

We’ve been at the forefront of humanitarian aid in Syria since the conflict began in March 2011. Many aid agencies and charities (even the biggest names) can’t work within Syria because of government restrictions or the risk to their workers. That means that most of what you hear about Syrians, or aid agencies supporting them, comes from refugee camps in neighbouring countries.

However, Hand in Hand for Syria is one of very few aid agencies providing emergency humanitarian aid inside Syria. We have a network of people on the ground who take in life-giving support, or purchase it locally,  to help sustain the most vulnerable people in the crisis: the ones still in Syria.

We also work as implementation partners on behalf of other aid agencies and charities. They fund programmes which we deliver for them inside Syria, since we can go in when they can’t.

Our coverage

We now take vital medical support, food, clothing and other essentials to around 90% of the country. Neither the Syrian government nor the Free Syrian Army (or other opposition groups) constrain our activity, which means we can work across borders and behind front lines. Therefore, we deliver aid to both opposition-held and government-held areas, including besieged areas whenever possible. And since we don’t work through third parties, we can monitor everything directly to ensure our aid reaches the right people, and those who need it most.

Helping refugees

We have previously worked with Syrian refugees in Lebanon, but as the scale of need grew within Syria it became clear that inside Syria is where we are most needed, and where we can have the biggest impact. We now focus entirely on working in Syria, and so we have moved our field office from Lebanon to Turkey.

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